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Fantasy of Eden Review

Fantasy of Eden is an app by HUNTERS. Fantasy of Eden was first published on . It is currently available for Steam.

This game is 2D open world RPG.
You will advance games by clearing quests that occur in towns and others.

Battle is a turn-based battle of symbol encounter.
When you defeat an enemy, experience value is obtained,
and the character is strengthened by level up.
You can buy items and equipment with money you got from enemies.

Besides battle, you can enjoy various contents such as fishing,
cooking, marriage, furniture arrangement, theater, casino.
The story is to destroy the Satan and save the world,
but you can destroy the world with monsters as devil.
It is the freedom of the player how to advance the story.

Operation is done with the keyboard or Xbox 360 controller.
You can save on the menu screen by pressing Enter (Start).

Fantasy of Eden

4.2 / 5

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Size: 53 MB available space

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