Final Call for PlatinumGames' "World of Demons" as Shutdown Looms

Samanta Blumberg


Final Call for PlatinumGames' "World of Demons" as Shutdown Looms

The Apple Arcade platform bid farewell to one of its standout exclusives, "World of Demons," a hack-and-slash adventure crafted by the esteemed PlatinumGames. Launched in 2021, this game captured the hearts of many with its visually stunning cel-shaded graphics and action-driven gameplay. Despite the challenges posed by touchscreen controls on iOS devices, "World of Demons" managed to deliver an impressive combat experience in the realm of mobile games.

As of January 18, newcomers to the "World of Demons" experience will find themselves unable to acquire the game from Apple Arcade, while current holders should brace for the game's total cessation on February 1. Access to the game will be barred, regardless of whether it's been previously downloaded—the reasons for this termination, particularly considering the game's minimal online components, remain a mystery. 

The Countdown Begins for "World of Demons" Players

The shutdown schedule for "World of Demons" is as follows:

- Removal from Apple Arcade - January 18
- Complete inaccessibility post-shutdown - February 1

PlatinumGames' repertoire is renowned for pushing boundaries in gaming, making "World of Demons'" discontinuation particularly disheartening. This is not the studio's first encounter with such closures—“Babylon's Fall” also witnessed an untimely end. Although that title fell prey to commercial failures, the removal of a chiefly single-player game like "World of Demons" from existence seems especially poignant.

In addition, certain games under Platinum's umbrella have disappeared from digital storefronts in recent years, slipping them out of players' easy reach. Notable mentions include "The Legend of Korra" (2014), "Transformers: Devastation" (2015), and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan" (2016). While delisting doesn't render these games lost forever as a shutdown does, it still presents a substantial hurdle for gaming enthusiasts looking to explore these titles.

Hope isn't entirely lost for "World of Demons," as PlatinumGames has been known to revive and reissue their work, akin to what players witnessed with "The Wonderful 101: Remastered." However, promises of return for "World of Demons" have not been laid out. Therefore, those keen on delving into this Yokai-infested world should seize the moment, secure a download, and savor the gameplay before it becomes a relic of gaming history come February 1.