Final Fantasy 14 Mobile is in Development – Rumour

Greg Burn


Final Fantasy 14 Mobile is in Development – Rumour

Final Fantasy 14 has turned out to be a catalyst of huge financial returns for Square Enix, something that was unimaginable after its first unsuccessful release in 2010. Today, the popularity of MMORPG is seeing a steady rise. The game made its much-anticipated debut on Xbox Series X/S earlier this year, and the recent introduction of its latest expansion, Dawntrail, has further fuelled its growth. And it doesn't end there; it's suggested that more significant achievements are in store.

Renowned informant Kurakasis asserted in the Exputer forums that a mobile adaptation of Final Fantasy 14 is under construction. Tencent, already in a strategic partnership with Square Enix since 2018, is believed to be handling this adaptation.

There were rumors that Tencent and Square were initially jointly creating an unnamed NieR mobile game. However, that venture was reportedly suspended, and the efforts were directed towards adapting Final Fantasy 14 for mobile devices.

Square Enix recently stated that following the Dawntrail launch, Final Fantasy 14 witnessed its best record of simultaneous users since 2013.