For Honor Welcomes the Varangian Guard: A New Hero Joins the Viking Ranks

Samanta Blumberg


For Honor Welcomes the Varangian Guard: A New Hero Joins the Viking Ranks

Ubisoft has lifted the curtain on an imminent arrival to the battlefield of For Honor with a teaser of the Varangian Guard, the latest warrior set to bolster the Viking faction’s line-up. A glimpse into the future of the game was offered through an exhilarating trailer, which showcased the robust Hero set to make an entrance in the game's forthcoming update on the first of February.

While the premise of For Honor has always been a fantastical melee, pitting Samurais, Vikings, and European knights in a frenzied clash for supremacy, the game's commitment to intense and methodical multiplayer combat has secured its place as a premier medieval fighting title since its inception in 2017. The game, soon to mark its seventh anniversary, continues to thrive with consistent updates and a passionate player community. The Varangian Guard joins the fight in the second segment of Year 7, Season 4’s update, underpinned by a Viking narrative of deceit and conflict.

The debut trailer for this new Hero slices through the icy fog of the battlefield, as the Varangian Guard emits a daunting battle cry, signaling readiness for combat with a hefty kite shield and a one-handed axe in tow. This Hero will become the 33rd option in For Honor's eclectic array of playable characters, providing a harmonious blend of historical and Ubisoft's own bespoke warriors.

Who are the Varangian Guards and what can players expect?

The Varangian Guard is thematically drawn from the historical protectors of Byzantine rulers, representing a formidable Viking warrior with influences drawn from both Norse and Byzantine traditions. Ubisoft's unveiling confirms that this armored new combatant will grace the game on February 1st.

Those eager to delve deeper into the backstory and mechanics of the Varangian Guard can anticipate an informative session on Ubisoft’s Warrior’s Den livestream at on January 25th at 12 pm EST.

Originating from Scandinavian and Rus roots, these warriors once stood as the fearless defense of the Byzantine Emperors from the 10th to the 14th century, tipping the scales in numerous historic conflicts. Mirroring this meld of cultural aesthetics, the trailer's Warrior showcases lamellar-style armor and a plumed helmet, contrasted against quintessential Viking armaments.

In aligning with the historic image of the Varangian Guard, For Honor presents them as formidable combatants, heavily equipped in contrast to their Viking peers. While specific abilities are not yet known, their unique positioning as heavily protected members of the Viking faction suggests a possible classification within the Vanguard class, hinting at a playing style geared towards a mix of defense and balanced aggression. A comprehensive look at this new combatant's capabilities will be presented during the Warrior’s Den livestream. Fans are filled with anticipation as they await the chance to command the Varangian Guard in battle starting February 1st.