Our Dream Companions: Top 10 NPCs in Baldur's Gate 3 Whom We Wish We Could Adventure With

Samanta Blumberg


Our Dream Companions: Top 10 NPCs in Baldur's Gate 3 Whom We Wish We Could Adventure With

Baldur's Gate 3 has not only garnered massive popularity for its engaging story but also the characters that it has breathed life into. While companions do carry the story forward, there are non-player characters (NPCs) that, due to their grand depth of character and seamless integration into the narrative, have become fan favorites, and many wish they could have been companions. Here are the top ten of such NPCs.

1. Mol: The Leader in The Making

Mol The Leader in The Making

The character of Mol challenges the commonly held belief that adventuring is for adults only. This tiefling rogue is far from being just a child, leading her group of tiefling rogues with grandeur in the Druid Grove and playing a significant role in the narrative. Her grey morality and striving story of an orphan could have added an intense, emotional mix to the companion roster.

2. Sazza: The Hero Disguised as a Monster

Sazza, the goblin prisoner found in Act One, is a prime example of why one shouldn't judge a book by its cover. With a backstory that could be flawlessly adapted from Volo's Guide to Monsters, Sazza's journey from a prisoner to integrating into society would have made her an entertaining melee companion.

3. Hope: Gold Dwarf Life Cleric Full of Zeal

Hope, despite her numbing circumstances in the devil Raphael's House of Hope, is a character who could have added an intriguing factor to the companions' list. Her massive strength of will, coupled with maddened mannerisms, underpins a kind-hearted personality that would have been incredibly gripping as a companion character.

4. He Who Was: A Mysterious Necromancer

He Who Was A Mysterious Necromancer

If you enjoy a character with a bit of mystery and intrigue, He Who Was is someone who would pique your interest instantly. His prowess as a necromancer and the mysterious air around his Shadar-Kai elf subrace might have made him a compelling and well-rounded companion.

5. Arabella: The Gifted Child

The enchanting Arabella, with her recently discovered powers and brave heart, was a character whose absence as a full member of the party was heavily felt. Offering much potential not just as a druidic power but as a possible sorcerer, Arabella could have brought a refreshing twist to the companion matrix.

6. Barcus Wroot: The Artificer Deep Gnome

Barcus Wroot, known for his admirable loyalty towards his friend Wulbren, surely captured the hearts of players. His deep gnome persona, along with his creativity with tinkering and explosive inventions, if forged into the artificer class from Tasha's Cauldron of Everything, would have resulted in an irresistibly fun companion.

7. Isobel: The Half-Elf Cleric with Heavy Plot Ties

Isobel The Half-Elf Cleric with Heavy Plot Ties

Isobel, along with Dame Aylin, remains a much-beloved character due to her deep plot ties and unique character construct. As a half-elf cleric and worshipper of Selune, she could provide dramatic interests and conflicts with the existing companion, Shadowheart.

8. Zevlor: The Loyal Tiefling Paladin

Zevlor, the kind-hearted tiefling paladin with the goal of protecting the tiefling refugees, could have been an endearing addition to the companion line-up. His loyal personality and his involvement in intertwined narratives with the player create a character with potential companion status.

9. Ellyka: The Lone Wolf

Despite her demise, Ellyka's wit, charm, and fiercely independent nature left a lasting impression on the players. Her inclusion as a ranger companion could have influenced intriguing narrative dynamics and conflicts, creating a more enriching gameplay experience.

10. Alfira: The Bardic Charm

Alfira The Bardic Charm

Alfira's gentle nature, striking character design, and beautiful songs are much adored by the fans. Her inclusion as a bard companion for the party would have brought a unique musical dynamic, adding an extra layer of immersion to the role-playing experience.

In conclusion, these non-player characters, with their compelling narratives and unique personalities, could have added distinct flavors and profoundly impacted the gameplay of Baldur's Gate 3. Walking down the path of ‘What If’ is always enticing. Although time cannot be turned back, the hope for reincarnations or possible extensions in the narrative to include these characters as companions in the future is always something we can look forward to.