Conquer Night City's Social Scene in Cyberpunk 2077's Off the Leash Mission

Samanta Blumberg


Conquer Night City's Social Scene in Cyberpunk 2077's Off the Leash Mission

Cyberpunk 2077's Night City is rife with intricate quests and connective storylines, showcasing a vibrant cast that brings the digital dystopia to life. Among the characters leaving a mark on players' hearts is Kerry Eurodyne, the rock rebel with a cause. The mission "Off the Leash" encapsulates a pivotal moment in Eurodyne's narrative that can lead to a deeper connection if navigated correctly. This guide is your VIP backstage pass to mastering the intricate details of the infamous "Off the Leash" gig.

Step 1: Unlock the Off the Leash Gig

Unlock the Off the Leash Gig

Before stepping into the limelight with Kerry, ensure you've set the stage properly. The path to "Off the Leash" requires completing the "I Don't Wanna Hear It" gig, where you must facilitate a crucial agreement between Kerry and the band US Cracks. Should the negotiations fail, the questline will steer you away from unlocking this gig as well as the consequential "Every Breath You Take" and "Boat Drinks" missions. Make your choices carefully to keep the show on the road.

Step 2: Await Your Cue

After the successful wrap-up of "I Don't Wanna Hear It," take a 12-hour breather in-game to allow the narrative to simmer; Kerry Eurodyne's invite is imminent. He will reach out with the rendezvous point: a club tucked within the chic confines of the Westbrook District. Anticipate another call pinpointing the specific location within Charter Hill Club where you'll be making your social entrance.

Step 3: Schmooze with Night City's Elites

Upon your charismatic arrival at the Charter Hill Club's back entrance, a guard will greet you. Display your insider status by mentioning your meet-up with Kerry at the 35th-floor lounge. As you ascend to the social echelons of Night City, patience is the key — Kerry will make his grand entrance in his own time.

Schmooze with Night City's Elites

Step 4: Witness the Fusion of Music and Night City

The club's atmosphere is electric as Kerry Eurodyne and US Cracks take to the stage, their performance igniting the crowd. As you navigate towards Kerry, a journalist will jump at the chance for a scoop. Engage or dismiss—your call won't alter the rhythm of the night.

Step 5: Engage in the Ripperdoc Revolution

An encounter with a ripperdoc, courtesy of Kerry's network, will offer you the perk of discounted cyberware. This sidestep from the main event also plants the seeds for future enhancements throughout Night City, sweetening your journey with practical benefits.

Step 6: Reach New Heights with Kerry

Reach New with Kerry

The rooftop awaits, revealing an unparalleled view and a moment of tranquility amid the urban chaos. Kerry, reflective and pensive, shares his aspirations. Here, male V characters can find a crossroads — opt for the "You can tell me" dialogue choice to cinch a romantic moment or select "Little too heavy for me right now" to keep the relationship platonic. It’s an emotional finale, regardless, concluding the gig with a personal touch.

In the wondrous maze of Cyberpunk 2077, finishing "Off the Leash" is more than simply checking a box; it's about diving deep into the relationships that define Night City. This guide ensures you navigate the nuances with ease, embracing the ethos of the cyberpunk genre — discovery, connection, and the undying beat of neon hearts.