Mastering the Subterranean Economy: A Comprehensive Guide to Genshin Impact's Credit Coupons

Samanta Blumberg


Mastering the Subterranean Economy: A Comprehensive Guide to Genshin Impact's Credit Coupons

In the depths of Genshin Impact, beneath the bustling city of Fontaine, lays the Fortress of Meropide — a prison turned home for the exiles. Among its many intriguing facets, the fortress operates on its own currency: Credit Coupons. This guide will walk you through easy-to-follow, detailed steps on how to successfully acquire these coveted tokens and thrive in fixing Meropide's underground economy.

Step 1: Embark on 'Scenes from Life in Meropide' Quests

Embark on 'Scenes from Life in Meropide' Quests

As a player, one of your first forays into gaining ample Credit Coupons should be completing all twelve available 'Scenes from Life in Meropide' quests. By tackling each of these tasks, you can amass 3360 Credit Coupons as each quest rewards a handsome 280 coupons. Therefore, before plunging into any other tasks, prioritize making your way through these quests to grab a strong start.

Step 2: "Both Brains and Brawn" Quest

The next treasure trove of Credit Coupons lies within the challenging journey of the "Both Brains and Brawn" quest. This quest will test your strategic skills and reflexes, and upon successfully completing it, you will be rewarded with an eye-catching total of 900 Credit Coupons along with the prestigious Ring Champion title and The Pankration Fonta Cup. Consider this quest as an enriching training ground for tougher tasks lying ahead in the fortress's depths.

Step 3: Unearth the Hidden Tasks

Unearth the Hidden Tasks

Fortress of Meropide is riddled with covert tasks that remain hidden from the uninterested eye. Fear not, for the key to unveiling these jobs involves a keen eye and meticulous exploration of Meropide. Each completed task rewards you with a haul of Credit Coupons, gradually adding to your growing stockpile. Hence, keep a hawk's eye for these errands as you navigate through the fortress.

Step 4: Locked in Chests

Nothing spells 'adventure' like an old-fashioned treasure hunt. Within the fortress lay ten Common Chests surreptitiously tucked away, each holding 30 Credit Coupons. From the abandoned Production Zone to the bustling Dormitory Block, these chests are scattered all around, accessible only by completing specific tasks or exhibiting commendable deeds within the fortress. In your quest for Credit Coupons, leave no stone unturned and no chest unclaimed!

In conclusion, Genshin Impact's Fortress of Meropide is not just a maze filled with challenges but a treasure trove for those willing to master its intricacies - primarily through reaping its unique currency, Credit Coupons. It may initially seem more intricate than it is. Take the first step into embarking on quests, completing hidden tasks, and discovering the Common Chests. With patience, curiosity, and strategic gameplay, you'll rule over the underground economy in no time! Ready to delve in?