Navigating the Vastness of Starfield: Essential Player Advice

Greg Burn


Navigating the Vastness of Starfield: Essential Player Advice

In an expansive game like Starfield, the possibilities are endless. From the onset, the game opens its seemingly boundless universe for exploration. There might be moments when players confront challenges beyond their current level or puzzles that require specific skills or advanced gear to resolve. But every step is part of the enriching journey through the cosmos, which can engage players for innumerable hours. The following tips aim to smooth out the initial learning curve and provide players with an advantageous outset.

For convenient, in-depth explorations of more game aspects, players can access a plethora of guides concentrated in a dedicated Starfield guides hub. Topics there range from relationship dynamics and allies to the variegations of interstellar factions.

As Starfield garners acclaim and captures the gaming community's fervor, we offer crucial tips and comprehensive guidance to catapult players into the heart of discussions.

Crafting Your Cosmic Persona

Bethesda RPGs famously allow players to craft their unique characters. There is a wide array of customizations, including various sliders, templates, and hair choices to adjust from. Players shouldn't feel pressured to finalize their character's looks in one go. Scattered throughout the game's universe are Enhance stores where players can modify their character's appearance for a mere 500 credits - a negligible amount in Starfield's economy.

Starfield Crafting Your Cosmic Persona

Choosing Your Past

Following your character's aesthetic customization, selection of a background shapes your initial skills. Although your choice doesn't significantly sway the narrative outside of specific conversational options, it influences the beginning trio of skills you receive. For instance, one might fancy the idea of a rugged Bounty Hunter but find the associated skills less than beneficial during the opening hours. In such scenarios, it's wise to opt for an alternative background with more immediately applicable skills and gradually cultivate those befitting a Bounty Hunter as you progress and level up.

A key recommendation is selecting a background with security skills. This ability grants you the means to unlock more complicated locks from your first steps, preventing the potential loss of valuable loot early on.

Balancing Traits

Starfield introduces the concept of Traits, which are elective perks offering both benefits and drawbacks. For instance, the Alien DNA trait augments your health and oxygen reserves at the cost of diminishing the efficacy of healing and nourishment items. Some Traits even influence gameplay beyond your character's capabilities—take Dream Home, which bequeaths you a property but attaches a mortgage that requires regular payments.

The worth of such a trait has stirred discussions among players. Some praise the convenience of turning their houses into crafting and storage stations; others feel burdened by the inconvenient positioning of the homestead. Players pondering Traits should remember that they have the option to forgo them entirely. Moreover, it's possible to erase certain traits at The House of the Enlightened in New Atlantis, except for some irreversible choices like the Kid Stuff trait.

Starfield Balancing Traits

Skill Investment Strategy

When leveling up, each increment grants you a skill point to be allocated within a skill tree. While the temptation to concentrate points within a singular tree exists, diversification is often more prudent because several skills universally enhance gameplay.

For instance, while technology-associated paths may appear mundane, they encompass critical abilities like Boost Pack Training, Security, and Piloting—essential for handling higher-class spacecraft.

Elsewhere, the Social skill tree contains the Commerce skill, which enables better prices during transactions—considering the frequent need to dispense excess inventory, this skill shouldn't be neglected.

Some skills that seem promising initially may end up being less impactful. For example, many players find the Gymnastics skill's combat slide of limited use. Always review the various ranks a skill can attain; each advancement often necessitates completing specific challenges. As subsequent skill point investments are vital and since respecification isn’t an option, deliberate wisely on your choices.

Mastering the Art of Lockpicking

Starfield's universe is rife with lockpicking opportunities, and understanding its mechanics is essential, lest you squander your valuable digipicks.

Approaching a lock reveals a series of incomplete circles, which must be completed using your selection of pick patterns. Each pick pattern is a one-time-use-only tool, necessitating strategic thinking to complete all rings from the available options.

starfield digipicks

A successful strategy involves tallying the gaps in each ring and matching them with the appropriate pick patterns. The game does aid in this respect; at Security Rank 2, compatible picks are highlighted, simplifying the process.

For novices, it's advisable to save your game before attempting to manipulate your inaugural locks for practice without penalty. Remember, a digipick isn't consumed until at least one pick has been successfully applied to a lock. Additionally, players should scour every merchant and fallen foe for extra digipicks, which can deplete quicker than expected.

Starfield Companionship

Embark on your interstellar journey with a band of allies at your side. In the cosmic expanses of Starfield, potential companions are waiting to be discovered and can be invited to join your party for various reasons, including narrative progression or for the right price. However, with the right negotiation skills and a dash of good fortune, you can reduce the cost of recruiting some members.

Each potential companion comes equipped with unique abilities that can enhance your team in different ways. Take Marika Boros at New Atlantis' Viewport Bar, for example; her expertise in shotgun mastery, ballistics, and particle beam technology means the ship she is stationed on benefits from her specialized skills. Bear in mind the capacity constraints of your vessel, as only a limited number of companions can enhance your ship at any given time, though expanding your crew's size is a feasible solution.

Starfield game Companionship

The Art of Negotiation

When you cross paths with a character open to persuasion, you'll enter a dialogue with various options, each associated with a number that contributes to a cumulative persuasion meter. The secret is to carefully select the dialogue options, balancing the numbers against what you've learned about the NPC's personality. Prior to persuasion attempts, explore all conversations with the NPC to better inform your choice during negotiation.

Distinguishing between Contraband and Stolen Items

Be aware that Starfield distinguishes stolen items from contraband. Items taken from NPCs without permission are marked with a red symbol and can lead to punitive measures if you're caught. On the flip side, successfully purloined items can be sold at certain under-the-table operations in New Atlantis or Neon. Exploiting a Trade Authority backroom for items to sell right back to the vendor is a classic way to earn quick credits.

Contraband, however, is marked with a yellow symbol and, although not obtained through theft, can land you in trouble if discovered during ship scans in settled systems. Selling such items demands a bit of subterfuge, which might involve stashing them safely in your Dream Home or dealings with the Crimson Fleet.

Starfield game Stolen Items

Navigating Space and Managing Fuel

Navigating the game's vastness is integral but comes with intricacies. Your ship will automatically refuel after jumping to new systems, but you must jump to intermediate locations when your destination is beyond your current fuel range. You can also opt to enhance your fuel capacity to reduce the frequency of stops. Always remember that encumbrance or being amidst combat prevents fast travel, and carrying contraband restricts your entry into most cities.

Tackling Encumbrance

Whereas in other titles, carrying excessive weight may significantly hinder mobility, in Starfield, you retain full mobility. However, overburdening affects your oxygen levels, leading to CO2 accumulation, which can impair your health. This complication also disables fast travel, so it's wise to offload non-essential cargo onto your ship or hand it to allies. Although burdensome, lugging extra weight is a path to unlocking carrying capacity enhancements.

Surveying Planets

Landing on any planet within Starfield allows you to analyze and catalog its various environmental traits, flora, fauna, and other elements, contributing to the goal of fully discovering the planet. Upgrading specific Science skills like Surveying can hasten this process. Also, be on the lookout for natural landmarks as opposed to man-made structures when aiming to uncover a planet's unique features.

Starfield game Planets

The Importance of Rest

Echoing Bethesda's tradition, the "Well Rested" perk makes a return, accentuating the significance of sleep. Apart from advancing time and restoring health, a full night's sleep grants a temporary XP boost for the next 24 game hours. Regular resting ensures you get this bonus, and you can verify whether it's active in your status menu.

Crafting Your Vessel

Ship modification is an investment that pays off. Look for Starport technicians in major cities to get started. In the customization menu, starting with something like a Workshop 2x1 can be immensely beneficial. Adjust other ship components as needed to incorporate new modules, and remember that compatibility is dependent on your ship's class, so having the Piloting skill is crucial for operating more advanced ships.

With these tailored insights, both novices and experienced players can optimize their playthrough, thriving in the dazzling expanse of Starfield and unlocking its myriad mysteries.