The Enthralling Expeditions: Unearthing the Charms of 'Lies of P' Best Side Quests

Greg Burn


The Enthralling Expeditions: Unearthing the Charms of 'Lies of P' Best Side Quests

Delving into the gritty world of 'Lies of P' is akin to peeling back the layers of a rich and complex puzzle. Each district in Krak has its distinct identity, each NPC carries a part of the story, and each side quest presents opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of the game's eerie yet captivating reality. This article aims to highlight the seven most rewarding side quests in the game that you absolutely should not miss. Not only do these side quests add substance to your journey, but they also make the world of 'Lies of P' that much richer and more nuanced.

1. Portrait Of A Boy

Portrait Of A Boy

Among the game's many side quests, the 'Portrait Of A Boy' undoubtedly stands out. It intertwines gameplay with the game's backstory, rendering it essential for understanding the narrative arc. From retrieving a symbolic portrait from the Black Rabbit Brotherhood's hideout to watching the painted nose grow with each lie told, this side quest is replete with striking emotional depth. The reward, the illustrious Golden Lie weapon, is a reminder of the intricate interplay of lies and truths inherent in the game's narrative fabric.

2. Julian The Gentleman

The 'Julian the Gentleman' side quest will lead you on a sentimental journey into the world of puppets and humans. Julian, a bereaved husband seeking closure, adds a much-needed dash of humanity to this otherwise cold and bleak world. Returning his wife's belongings to him yields not just a Sad Gesture and a Wedding Ring but a touching tale of love that transcends the boundaries of flesh and wood.

3. Old Lady At The Window

Old Lady At The Window

As you traverse through Rosa Isabelle Street, you'll come across the 'Old Lady at the Window' side quest. Although it may seem trivial at first glimpse, it brings forth the game's attention to detail, rewarding the curious players who choose to participate with unexpected surprises. Fetching Le Bleiweis wine from Lorenzini Arcade for the Old Lady might earn you just a Venigni Commemorative Coin initially, but its true worth unfurls when appraised by Pulcinella, the puppet butler.

4. The Broken Puppet

The 'Broken Puppet' side quest is a reflective exercise that tasks you with teaching human emotions to an almost defunct puppet. Each gesture you perform, from Clapping to Anger, unravels a piece of this exquisite emotional painting. Though it may not be fully achievable until the later stages of the game, the rich rewards it offers, not merely in tangible items but also in profound emotional exploration, make it a must-do.

5. Test Subject 826

Test Subject 826

Introducing a merchant character with a deep backstory, the 'Test Subject 826' side quest is a testament to the game's ingenious design. The quest takes on a fresh turn as Test Subject 826 evolves from an NPC into a full-fledged merchant, opening up an avalanche of exciting items for your perusal.

6. Black Cat & Red Fox

Amidst the extensively detailed cast of characters, the naughty yet charming pair of the Black Cat and Red Fox steal the limelight. As their side quests gradually unfurl, these sly tricksters reveal their vulnerabilities, thereby adding a complex narrative flavor. Fighting or befriending them presents different story arcs, cultivating a unique player experience.

7. All Cryptic Vessels

All Cryptic Vessels

Finally, navigating the enigmatic 'Cryptic Vessels' side quests offers players the rare opportunity to turn detectives. Decoding these cryptic vessels with the help of Venigni takes players on a treasure hunt that rewards them with coveted costumes and power-boosting items.


To conclude, these cherished 'Lies of P' side quests are central to the game's immersive gameplay. Beyond just facilitating item acquisition and skill improvement, they reveal subtle hues of the grim world of 'Lies of P.' Lying, detecting, challenging, and emoting through these quests, players are afforded a rich, rewarding engagement with the game. So, brave the shadows of Krak, embark on these quests, and discover the mesmerizing tapestry woven by the lies and truths of 'Lies of P.'