Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor, a stealth horror game, has gained significant traction in the gaming community since its release in 2017. Developed by Dynamic Pixels and published by tinyBuild, it has garnered attention for its unique gameplay, captivating storyline, and advanced AI technology. Predominantly, it is a first-person game, where the player's primary objective is to sneak into their neighbor's house and uncover the secrets hidden in his basement. Nonetheless, it's not as straightforward as it appears.. The neighbor's AI learns from your strategies and sets traps accordingly, making the game more challenging and exciting.

The Charms and Challenges of Hello Neighbor

While the game is lauded for its innovative concept and intricate AI, it’s not without its imperfections. One of the major criticisms of Hello Neighbor is its lack of clear instructions. Players often find themselves aimlessly wandering around trying to figure out their next move. This, combined with the game's unpredictable physics, can make the gameplay frustrating for some players. The controls, particularly in the console versions, are also found to be clunky and unresponsive at times.

Another downside is the game’s high difficulty level. While a challenging game can be appealing to many, the advanced AI of the neighbor can be excessively tough to beat, especially for younger or less experienced players. This could lead to players finding the game too daunting and ultimately giving up.

Despite these flaws, the game still offers a unique and thrilling gaming experience. Its distinctive art style, coupled with an interesting storyline and challenging gameplay, makes it stand out in the oversaturated market of horror games.


  • - Unique Gameplay;
  • - Intriguing Storyline;
  • - Advanced AI;
  • - High Replayability;
  • - Good Graphics.


  • - Difficulty Spikes;
  • - Lack of Instructions;
  • - Glitches and Bugs;
  • - Repetitive Gameplay.

Players’ Take on Hello Neighbor

Player feedback on Hello Neighbor has been largely mixed. Many players appreciate its unique premise and the thrill of outsmarting an advanced AI. The suspense of sneaking around, coupled with the constant fear of getting caught, provides an adrenaline rush that many players find appealing. The game's mysterious storyline and numerous secrets keep players hooked and coming back for more.

On the flip side, the criticisms often revolve around the game's high difficulty level, lack of direction, and unpredictable physics. The steep learning curve and the lack of clear instructions can make the gameplay frustrating. However, for players who enjoy a good challenge and appreciate the game's unique art style and storyline, Hello Neighbor can be an engaging and entertaining game.

In conclusion, Hello Neighbor is a distinctive and complex game that offers both a unique challenge and a captivating story. While it might not be everyone’s cup of tea due to its difficulty level and lack of clear instructions, for those who get past these hurdles, the game can offer a thrilling and suspenseful gaming experience.

Hello Neighbor Logo
Author: tinyBuild
Latest Version: 1.0
Publish Date: July 7, 2020
Size: 34M

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